Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How can I register an account at Luckytrade?

Registration process at Luckytrade is easy and simple. Follow this link, fill up the required registration forms carefully and then press "Create an account".

Q.Am I allowed to open more than one Luckytrade account?

No, It will cause problem while you use different E-mail address, but using the same IP address. Every person can create one account, otherwise your accounts will be suspended.

Q.How can I change my email address or password?

You can change your password directly from your account by editing it in your personal profile, you can do the same to change your email address.

Q.How do I invest?

First of all you need to open a Luckytrade account for free and then log into your Luckytrade account, once you create your account, you are able to make your first deposit by clicking on ?Make a Deposit ?, following that you shall decide which payment processor want to use, choose the suitable plan and how much you are keen to deposit to start your investment, then set your compounding percent as you wish then click on ? make deposit?, thereafter you will see forwarded to a payment page, after proceeding the payment the amount will credit to your Luckytrade account automatically, Therefore, your investment has officially started and your daily profit will be added to your Luckytrade account.

Q.Which Payment Processor do you accept?

Deposit and withdraw funds are accepted to proceed via BitCoin, ETH, LTC, Doge and Skrill